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Raising the Bar: The Financial Services Client Experience

In the financial services industry, client relationships hinge on more than just customer service. Each interaction and touchpoint impacts client satisfaction and loyalty.

Each time a client interacts with a company, their experience affects the outcome of that relationship. Whether they meet with an advisor, attend an event, or visit a location, they leave with a new perception that guides their future decisions. These collective moments make up the overall client experience (CX)—a major predictor of business growth. In the financial services industry, healthy client relationships give businesses staying power and renewed marketability. Happy (and unhappy) clients directly impact the bottom line.

Today, new technology offers a unique opportunity for companies to measure and improve their client experiences. Customer relationship management (CRM) tools like Salesforce allow banking, insurance, and wealth management firms to store richer client data and leverage it to build stronger client relationships. Customer feedback solutions help financial institutions measure client experiences and report on client health in real time. And mobile technology’s ubiquity has given businesses the power to connect with clients wherever they may be.


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