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Climate, Sustainability & ESG

The speed and velocity of the Climate, Sustainability & ESG movement has thrust the global financial services sector into a period of rapid transformation. Adaptation of climate-centered policy by world leaders has unleashed political, regulatory, and economic pressure on governments and industries to accelerate the pace of change. In turn, the rate of change creates commercial opportunities and risks—geopolitical, market, financial, and regulatory burdens—igniting the proliferation of new climate, sustainability, and ESG employment sectors within the financial services industry.
The global financial services sector is creating a new generation of finance, investing, analytics, policy, lending, risk management, and technology professionals. Charles Sterling Group is a proud contributor to the movement by helping our clients attract and retain the brightest minds in their respective competencies.

  • ESG Investing

  • ESG Data and Analytics

  • Climate Strategy

  • Impact Investing

  • Sustainable Finance

  • Carbon Market Trading

  • Climate Migration

  • Energy & Tech Transformation

  • Policy & Regulatory

  • Media/PR

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