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Institutional Solutions & Advisory

Charles Sterling Group has been a key strategic partner to leading traditional and alternative asset managers catering to the unique and complex needs of; insurance companies, public and corporate pension plan sponsors, sovereign wealth funds, LPs, GPs, and investment consultants.

We like to say that our focus falls at the intersection of content and commercial. Charles Sterling Group is in continuous pursuit of commercially minded investment professionals capable of delivering the platform to their key clients. A leader who can drive a thoughtful strategic asset allocation and portfolio construction discussion at the top of the house and grow a business that generates attractive return streams and world-class client coverage, analytics, and reporting.


  • OCIO

  • Multi Asset

  • Pension Solutions

  • Liability Driven Investing

  • Pension Risk Transfer

  • Insurance

  • Portfolio Construction

  • Asset Allocation

  • Investment/Product Strategist

  • Wealth Strategist

  • Digital Initiatives

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