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Private capital fund CFOs: The data challenge

Private capital fund CFOs have not traditionally seen their role as client-facing. But with data demands on the rise, how are these CFOs getting to grips with new requirements?

A survey carried out earlier this year by Intertrust Group and Global Custodian set out to explore the attitude of private capital fund CFOs to the growth of new data and reporting requirements by both clients and regulators (see Global Custodian Spring edition). A subsequent webinar brought together a range of industry experts to consider how CFOs can address these issues.

Discussion ranged over the nature of the data challenges faced by these CFOs and the steps they could take to meet them. Maqbool Mohamed, CFO and COO at Clarion Partners Europe, a real estate fund manager, pointed out such pressures vary, depending on the type of fund as well as the firm running it. For an investment manager that is part of a larger financial institution, for example, the CFO role has a significant amount of corporate reporting around the assets in which the fund is invested.


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