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Today's Chief Compliance Officer

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

Executive search firm Charles Sterling Group, LLC recently recruited an Investment Director/Client Portfolio Manager for a multi-billion global asset management company.

Hiring Trends & Evolution of Roles:

  • Today’s compliance executives are required to have a broader skill set and leadership capabilities.

  • Skills include transformational experience; keen business acumen; strategic vision; tactical approach; and competencies across risk, audit, operations, and technology.

  • As the Compliance function has moved out of the back office, Chief Compliance Officers must have the presence and gravitas to actively engage with business leaders and regulators.

  • In the current environment, Chief Compliance Officers are tasked with balancing ongoing responsibilities with new regulatory demands creating internal resource and cost pressures.

  • Increased regulatory demands have resulted in the reorganization, and increased segmentation of the compliance function, creating compliance roles that require specialized expertise with a global understanding of financial trends.

  • The increased regulation and segmentation of the compliance function has been the catalyst for new job growth in Financial Services.

Trends in Compensation:

  • The structure of compensation is a combination of base and discretionary bonus.

  • Total compensation packages have been trending up in recent years as the compliance function has gained visibility and been technically redefined.

  • On average, banking organizations are deferring a larger portion of bonus than mutual fund companies. Some organizations are pushing as much as 100% over four years versus a fully funded bonus pool with share grants consistent with the four-year average.

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